Sunday, July 23, 2006

With Little Feet Comes a Little Hand....

"owen's hand" (Nikon D70s)

Having caught the toes of a wee one, I was able to catch the hand of another. Sitting so quietly with his mom absorbing everything around him, I snapped a picture and caught his delicate little fingers.

Markham Sunset

"markham sunset" (Nikon D70s)

I was in Markham this past weekend and on my way in from walking Meadow, Eric and I both took notice of the beautiful colours in the sky. It looked as though the sun was painting the sky on its way down. I did my best to capture its brilliance.

Some time.....

"austin" (Nikon D70s)

It's definitely been quite some time since my last posting so I thought I would include three of my favourite pictures from the last couple of weeks. This one is of Austin, a good friend of little Meadow.