Friday, December 28, 2007

Fog/Frost Cont'd...

"frosted over" (Nikon D70s)

"lone tree" (Nikon D70s)

"frosty trees" (Nikon D70s)

"frosted farm" (Nikon D70s)

We pulled over to the side of the road and took in the bizarre weather!

Post Christmas....

"frosted weeper" (Nikon D70s)

"frosted weeper up close" (Nikon D70s)

Boxing Day we woke up to find a very strange mix of weather. There was frost everywhere but there was also a layer of fog that had started to roll in. We had never seen anything like this before so naturally we took a few pics. along the route home.

Christmas 2007

"christmas 2007" (Nikon D70s w/Nikon SB600)

We went for the "photo op." route this year for our Christmas card. I set us up and away we went!

....flash cont'd

"willow still curious" (Nikon D70s w/Nikon SB600)

Willow continued to be the subject of choice for my first night with the flash!
Yes, it's true, she does have "little devil" written on her head!

Flash is in Bloom!

"willow sits pretty" (Nikon D70s w/ Nikon SB600)

Mama got a brand new flash! From the time of my last post, I decided to finally enhance my kit and purchase a proper flash. What a difference! While I continue to explore its functions and possibilities, here is what happened the night I got if I could just get her to sit still!